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 I am extremely happy to announce that the YEAR 2020 has begun with Ministerio Casias starting a New Bible study agenda having initiated on Wednesday January 8th, 2020. God has put in the hearts of Jose Juan Gonzalez and myself Shawn Casias to utilize our resources, facilities, knowledge, capabilities and our love for Christ to establish a platform that will allow us to help those in need including ourselves. We knowingly are not perfect people but we are as the Bible says, sinners who acknowledge so. We do not put ourselves above others. We just want to serve. This ministry and ourselves have been through the furnace since the assassinations of my Mom and Dad, John and Wanda Casias on January 31st 2012. It's only by the Mercy and Grace of God that we can be here with the ability to bring like hearted people together. This is a miracle in itself.  May God Bless you and your families and consider placing the Ministerio Casias in your prayers. May I note that we as, Ministerio Casias do not have any affiliation with any supporting organizations or fellowships, nor do we identify ourselves with any 'RELIGION' not specified in the Bible. We believe that we have ONE LORD JESUS Christ who died on the Cross for our sins. We believe as the Bible states, that Christ is the Church and anyone who has received Chist as ones Personal Lord and Savior should be united in that ONE CHURCH. All previous support that my parents depended on prior to their assassinations, was diverted by the sending church since the time of their murders. The Ministry thanks the County of Santiago for its tremendous support and recognization of the Ministry as a pillar in the Community. Although the Ministry and myself, Shawn Casias have suffered so many challenges, rebuke, accusations and the abandonment by so many people, we recognize that the Enemy is always at work and we refuse to be discouraged. May God continue to provide his mercy, blessings and miracles.

                                                         THANK YOU FOR CARING


You may contact us at or 858-926-0058

May God Bless and Protect you and Your Family, 

Shawn Casias 


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