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We ask you to comment on your experience with John and Wanda Casias who founded the Casias Ministry in 1982. We also want you to ask questions. We have worked hard to grow the Ministry since the murders of our parents and we ask that you too inquire about how you can be a part of it's continued growth.

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1. Shawn Casias | June 13, 2016 at 11:45 AM EDT

This Ministry has been leading people to Christ since 1983. The ministry asks you to support its continuance. Its obvious that many people loved my Mom and Dad. They were not perfect people as we who have continued the ministry are not either. But God uses what and who have made themselves available. If you were once a supporter of this ministry , I ask you to ask to comment on your thoughts and beliefs of if was the right thing to do to make sure their ministry continues.

Shawn Casias

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