"Not that I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account"
 (Phillipians 4:17)

Supporters / Past and Present,

 We would like you to know that the Casias Ministry founded by John and Wanda Casias in 1983 is Alive and Well. God continues to not only preserve the work that our parents started, but He continues to bless the Ministry with growing congregations and a fundamental foundation that seeks God’s will and values that our parents so much taught and believed in.  My brother and I have done our best to continue the work of our parents Ministry.  We cannot say it has been easy since their murders.  We have been attacked by Satan and even our fellow brothers in Christ.  The ministry immediately lost 90% of it’s support from supporters outside of my bother and myself.   We have not spent much time, seeking financial support for the churches and everything it takes to keep the ministry going.  We have endured everything from administrative challenges putting the Ministry in a correct legal status in Mexico as well as the maintenance of the vehicles and facilities that allows for so many to come to Christ and stay close to the pillars that God has allowed us keep alive in His name.  


The vehicles that are used for our bus ministries are old.  They require continuous maintenance and repairs.  We really need a bus for one of our routes that is about 20 minutes away from La Primera Iglesia Bautista del Cercado.  The van we use is packed and more people want to attend but we do not have enough vehicals to bring them. 


We ask primarily for your prayers and any support or vehicles that you might be able to donate.  Donations are received through Pomerado Road Baptist Church in San Diego California or directly to Ministerio Casias A.C. in Santiago NL Mexico.  


Please advise if you can help in anyway with the Ministry needs. My brother and I have exhausted resources in the past four years and we are happy to continue as it gives us great joy to be able to be used for Gods Ministry. The Ministry and related churches can grow and with your prayers and support, you too are part of its blessings and growth.