"Not that I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account"
 (Phillipians 4:17)

Past and Future supporters

 We would like you to know that the Casias Ministry founded by John and Wanda Casias in 1983 is Alive and Well.  The Ministry is succeeded by Shawn Casias as a Foundation in the name of The Casias Ministry Foundation.  Although it is a formal non - profit organization established since my parents murders in 2012, it has yet to be established formally in the United State. 

Due to Liberty Baptist Chuche's (Pastor : Richard Webster) decision to divert my parents financial support away from the ministry and to precarious entities that are part of the ongoing investigation into their murders, we have since been operating without financial support from the United States. People locally have donated toys and clothes that we have been able to deliver to the high desert villages and we have provided locations locally for charities and like minded intention organizations.  Non of the Casias Family members have helped so we continue the Foundation in my parents Ministry name to continue their desire to help in Mexico.  We do and will be seeking financial help in the coming months as we are working with other Foundation in Mexico to supply needs for the Mexican people whom my parents so loved.  

Please advise if you can help in anyway with the Ministry needs. You may contact us at or 858-926-0058

Thank you and may God bless and protect you and your family, 

Shawn Casias