The History of the Casias Ministry 

January 24, 2019
WHAT HAPPENED ON JANUARY 31, 2012 ? the day my parents were murdered. We will discuss what has happened and what has not happened since that devastating day. Here we will post the documentary of that day. Further posts leading up to the present will be posted hereafter.

On January 31st, 2012

I walked into my parents home and found my Mom with her head open from being hit with a blunt object that I had been laying outside the house when I had arrived.   

Later I was accused by one of my biological siblings, Judon Casias, A limousine Driver in Salt Lake City Utah,  the I had murdered my own parents.  I will discuss more about Judon Casias later, the damage he has caused the ministry as well has his absence from my parents lives throughout most of his criminal activity infested life. In follow up documentaries I will be explaining details of those who accused me while not even coming to Mexico to help financially or with any other forms of help.  It was extremely stressful, confusing and erratic dealing with my two American Parents assassinations in a foreign Country. I was rebuked while others who never visited my parents during their 30 year ministry took the spotlight with the News Media. Specifically the one who accused me of murdering my parents did visit one time during my Mom and Dad's 30 years of service just to come twice AFTER their murders to take the spotlight at their pulpit to speak before my parents congregation in a self righteously knowing will that he was never there for my parents during their 30 years of service. 

Please allow me to let you know that due only to my own efforts with the help of our LORD JESUS Christ our Savior, for the past seven years, this Charity / Foundation in the name of my parents ministry continues to be a blessing for so many.  Some have since even taken their own lives through suicide because their souls were so tormented by their actions and inactions.  

I hope and trust the investigation will commence again since it was so abruptly and cowardly halted. I hope and will insist that an investigation of the investigation also take place as violation concerns of my human rights in Mexico have been raised due to the intimidation tactics used against me by Mexican Authorities.  I will advise of the US Consulate to Mexico at the time with whom I met, lied about the assistance the US would provide us. No assistance was ever provided. The FBI agents present at the time of our meeting seemed more interested in my personal business work than my parents assassinations.  This was an assassination not a random robbery as others would like you to believe. I will release a series of documentaries on Facebook where I will disclose thievery, collusion and possible interest that suspected accomplices in the US and in Mexico may have had in my parents murders.  Since my parents murders, their Ministry Monies have been diverted by Liberty Baptist Church at the direction of its pastor, Richard Webster to ties in his Lewisville, Texas church who have family ties here locally in Mexico. These family members have benefited from an extremely precarious interest in my Parents murders. Please follow and share as I personally have made it through an extremely difficult past seven years without the help of anyone in the United States including supposed family members and step siblings.  Please note that I am gratefully appreciative of the local community and Municipality of Santiago, Nuevo Leon whom have shown support for the Ministry and with whom I intend of working with in association of the Foundation established on behalf of my parents ministry The Casias Ministry Foundation. 

 I have also suffered for five to six of the last seven year through some self destructive behaviors that God has since freed me from. I am appreciative to the local municipality as well as some of my childhood friends with whom I spent my adolescent years with here in Mexico while growing up with my parents as missionaries.  

Please pray for the, now 'Charity / Foundation' that it may continue to serve based on the legacy and heart driven hard work done by my parents John and Wanda Casias and their desire to serve Christ as Missionaries to Mexico. 

The Foundation is in need of financial assistance, US legal, Accounting services as well as recognition mediums such as website management and social media.  If you or anyone you know would like to be a part of the Casias Ministry Foundation, then please contact me at 858-926-0058 or e-mail me at   

Since my step siblings and the Pastor Richard Webster of Liberty Baptist Church disallowed me to speak at my parents Funeral Service, I took it upon myself to speak at the burial without asking permission.  I was the only one who really knew my parents and the only one of ten children who came to Mexico as a missionary with my parents. I was also the only one who stayed with my parents until my adult age of 18 years old.  Later I found out that disallowing me to speak at my parents funeral had been part of the collusion between my accusing biological brother and step siblings as part of a plan to set me aside while allowing a local family to benefit from my parents murders. There are those involved who know what they were involved in and others who through ignorance and ego have no idea what they were assisting in.   

Here are is message I'd prepared the night before.

Thank you and May God Bless and protect you and your Families, 

Shawn Casias